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      3. welcome to Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd. website!
        Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
        Main product: Potassium Borohydride     Sodium Borohydride     Trimethyl Borate     Triethyl Borate
        Potassium Borohydride
        Sodium Borohydride
        Trimethyl Borate
        Triethyl Borate
        Triisopropyl Borate
          General Mgr.: Bingrong Qian
        Vice President: Feng Qian  
        Tel: +86-513-87833666               
        Fax: +86-513-87833968
        Email: hongzhihuagong@126.com
        Leading products and intermediates pesticide prices down Hunanhaili 2014 operating income increased by 0.99% 2015-06-24
        Trade backwards pesticide intermediates forward 2015-06-24
        Koon Fook home 1.8 billion yuan heavily in the acquisition of pharmaceutical intermediates 2015-06-24
        Medicine Intermediate Production Wastewater Treatment Technology 2015-06-24
        Rick developed a number of steroid pharmaceutical intermediates 2015-06-24
        Pesticide intermediates prospects 2015-06-24
        6 Records
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